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The United States National Interest Waiver (NIW)

The United States National Interest Waiver (NIW) is also known as the EB-2 NIW, which falls under the EB-2 category. It is a special classification of high-skilled immigration. The NIW, or high-tech immigration, is popular because it does not require a labor certification, employer sponsorship, and has more relaxed eligibility criteria compared to the EB-1A category. It also allows for the simultaneous green card application for the whole family. The NIW has lower educational requirements and is not restricted by industry, English proficiency, language, age, or educational background. It is considered a popular pathway for obtaining a U.S. green card that is accessible to individuals from various fields and industries.

NIW Application Requirements for high-skilled immigrants in the United States

 An applicant needs to meet at least three of the following criteria in their field of expertise

1. Bachelor's degree and at least 10 years of relevant work experience; or master's degree and at least 5 years of relevant work experience; or a doctoral degree

2. Professional licenses or certifications

3. Annual income of at least one million or more

4. Membership in at least two industry associations

5. Recognition or awards in the field

6. Personal interviews with mainstream media


7. Experience as a reviewer, judge, or speaker in conferences, competitions, or journals


8. Original contributions such as patents, industry standards, or research projects


9. Publication of at least five articles in national academic journals


10. Holding significant positions in companies or organizations

The application process for the U.S. National Interest Waiver (NIW) high-skilled immigration

Document Preparation

Engage a global document preparation agency and attorney to identify key highlights, develop a personalized strategy, and prepare a complete set of materials

Submit to NVC

Submit the application to the National Visa Center (NVC) for domestic status adjustment. The materials will be transferred to the visa center (NVC) and subsequently to the U.S. consulate/embassy

Visa Issuance

Receive the visa sticker placement in the passport and a landing paper. It is required to enter the United States within the visa's validity period, which is generally within six months

Submit 140

Submit a complete set of documents for Form 140. The processing time can range from 6 to 12 months

Physical examination

It mainly checks major infectious diseases. There are four designated medical examination hospitals in China

Green Card Issuance

After logging in, you can re-select the green card collection address, and the green card will be mailed to the customer within 1-2 months

140 replies

Received 140 approval letters


All immigrant visa interviews are conducted at the Guangzhou embassy or consulate

Why choose Globevisa for NIW, a high-skilled immigrant in the United States?

Perfect product line makes you worry-free

It has opened more than 200 projects covering venture capital immigration, skilled immigration, passports, visa services, overseas education and overseas real estate, company registration, bank account opening, pension reunion and childbirth, identity renewal, etc., covering more than 40 countries and regions. With a complete vertical product line, tailor-made overseas plans for you.

​ The project development team makes you feel at ease

Globevisa International Project Development Center is composed of more than 100 people from more than 20 countries around the world, including professional business experts and investment experts. It always adheres to the principle of taking the law as the foundation, taking safety, effectiveness and risk as the principle, and taking project safety as the benchmark to do our best. Efforts are made to ensure the security of customer assets and identity acquisition, so that customers can rest assured.

Online service allows you to communicate without worry

Globevisa provides customers with a VIP member center system, online query of project progress and cost details, which is convenient and fast. Independent research and development of IM customer communication APP, using advanced data encryption technology. Protect customer privacy throughout the process. Exclusive consultant one-on-one service, private conversation, encrypted group chat. Safety first, privacy first.

Good relationship allows you to submit worry-free

In order to enable customers to obtain immigration information in a more timely manner, Globevisa has maintained good relations with governments, embassies, overseas banks, funds, etc. for a long time. Our professionalism and credibility have been praised by many overseas governments. At the same time, government officials also Went to Global China many times to have one-on-one in-depth exchanges with our customers.

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