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Thailand Elite Visa

Thailand offers a privileged visa, known as the Thailand Elite Visa, specifically for high-end elite individuals. This visa allows for long-term residency and grants the privilege of unrestricted entry and exit without the requirement of residing in Thailand. By making an investment ranging from 500,000 to 2 million Thai Baht, the entire family can obtain the Thailand Elite Visa.

Thailand Elite Visa Application Requirements

  1. No age/education/language requirements; no need to provide a certificate of no criminal record.

  2. Investment donation ranging from 600,000 to 2 million Thai Baht (approximately 150,000 to 500,000 Hong Kong dollars per person).

  3. Possession of a valid passport.

Thailand Elite Visa Application Process

Document Preparation

Select the application period, prepare passport, photo, Thailand elite visa application form

Confirmation of Funds and Welcome Letter

Within 7 business days of the investment transfer, we will confirm the receipt of funds and send a Welcome Letter to the client. The Welcome Letter will provide details on the privileges associated with the Thailand Elite Visa and provide important information regarding the visa endorsement process.

Submission and Approval

After submitting your application documents, they will undergo a review process. You will receive a response within 7-8 weeks, indicating whether your application has been approved.

Visa Endorsement Service and Opening Bank Account

To avail of visa endorsement services and open a bank account, it is recommended to make a reservation for landing reception services and schedule an appointment for visa endorsement at least 5 business days in advance.


After receiving the approval, you will proceed with the investment according to the chosen investment plan. The investment amount should be transferred to the designated investment account mentioned in the approval letter within 3 months.

Why choose Globevisa for Thailand Elite Visa?

Perfect product line makes you worry-free

We offer a comprehensive product line that covers over 200 services, including investment immigration, skilled immigration, passport services, visa assistance, study abroad programs, overseas property, company registration, bank account opening, retirement and family reunion, childbirth services, visa renewal, and more. Our services span across 40+ countries and regions, and each service has a complete vertical product line, allowing us to tailor an overseas plan specifically for you.

​ The project development team makes you feel at ease

The Globevisa International Project Development Center consists of over 100 professionals from more than 20 countries worldwide, including experts in business and investment. We always adhere to the principles of legality, safety, effectiveness, and risk mitigation. Project security is our benchmark, and we strive to ensure the safety of our clients' assets and the attainment of their desired immigration status. Our aim is to provide our clients with peace of mind.

Online service allows you to communicate without worry

Globevisa provides customers with a VIP Member Center system, offering convenient and efficient online access to project updates and detailed cost breakdowns. We have developed our own IM customer communication app, which utilizes advanced data encryption technology, ensuring the utmost protection of client privacy. Our dedicated consultants provide one-on-one service, facilitating private conversations and encrypted group chats. We prioritize security and privacy throughout the entire process.

Good relationship allows you to submit worry-free

To ensure our clients receive timely immigration information, Globevisa has maintained long-standing good relationships with various governments, embassies, overseas banks, funds, and other institutions. Our professionalism and reputation have been praised by multiple overseas governments. Additionally, government officials have visited Global Overseas China on numerous occasions to engage in in-depth one-on-one exchanges with our clients.

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