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香港移民公司 Globevisa

Globevisa Hong Kong

Your Gateway to the World

Specializing in investment immigration, passport, and visa consulting services
Let the world travel unimpeded and settle down worry-free

Identity Planning

In terms of subsequent value-added services, we provide comprehensive service experiences for identity renewal, family reunion, marriage and childbirth, settlement, and the restoration/cancellation of nationality

Investment and Property

In financial projects, we offer support for personal bank account opening, company registration, and company account opening, providing effective wealth management and asset planning for your immigration goals

Overseas Education

Our education programs range from primary and secondary school study abroad in countries such as Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, UK, and Australia, extending to adult higher education for work visas and skilled immigration

Global Business Development

Our entrepreneurship programs cover the entire process from guidance, application, landing, startup, work visas, and visa renewal, providing a comprehensive coverage of all required processes

環球出國 Globevisa 移民顧問

Globevisa HK

Globevisa HK, based in Singapore, serves the elite class in more than 30 cities across China, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Europe, and North America. Globevisa has a presence in over 20 cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong, as well as global financial centers such as Dubai in the UAE, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, London in the UK, and Vancouver in Canada.

Globevisa HK is committed to providing "unobstructed global mobility and worry-free settlement" solutions for the global elite. With a focus on areas such as overseas education for children, global business development, investment and property, and overseas identity planning, Globevisa HK continuously invests efforts in the field of overseas settlement and global business layout. It strives to provide diversified product choices for individuals who aspire to achieve their global dreams. With a preference for low-risk solutions, Globevisa HK always prioritizes the interests of its clients and aims to enhance the consistent professionalism of its global team. Only by doing so can it become the preferred global brand in the eyes of its clients.

Personalized Assessment and Immigration Consultation for Various Countries

Primary Applicant:
Age: 25 years old
Education: University graduate
Work Experience: 3 years
Assets: HKD 150,000

Primary Applicant:
Age: 35 years old
Education: Advanced Diploma
Work Experience: 10 years
Assets: HKD 5,000,000

Primary Applicant:
Age: 50 years old
Education: Secondary school
Work Experience: 30 years
Assets: HKD 20,000,000

Children: 2

Thailand ◆ Canada ◆ Malaysia ◆ Australia ◆ Japan ◆ Malta ◆ America ◆ Europe

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Globevisa HK: Client Feedback

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Ms. Lee

American Outstanding Talent EB1A

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