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In the era of rapid economic development, more and more people choose to go out to see the wider world. This growth in demand has led to an increasing demand for overseas bank accounts. On the one hand, opening an overseas account can facilitate the storage of overseas funds, and it will also be convenient for the use of overseas funds, such as investing in overseas real estate, paying for children's study abroad, traveling abroad, and so on. But now the threshold for opening an overseas account is rising, and as the popularity rises, it is becoming more and more difficult to open an account. How to efficiently handle the procedures for opening an overseas bank account? What should I do if I need an overseas company account to open a company overseas? Global Overseas will solve them for you one by one.

Cross-border service items

​Singapore registered company

Singapore bank account opening personal account

Bank of America personal account opening

big country without crime

Registered company in BC, Canada

Singapore bank account opening company account

Bank of America Company Account Opening

US registered company

Canadian bank account opening company account

American distance marriage

Visa business

US medical visa

Hong Kong graduate IANG work permit

Work Permit for Foreigners in China

​Hong Kong investment follow-up services

Dubai Telecommuting Visa

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