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US L1A Entrepreneurship Work Permit

L-1A is the U.S. multinational executive dispatch work visa (Intracompany Transferee Executive or Manager), that is, the company outside the United States and the U.S. company meet a certain relationship (parent company/sister company/joint venture company), and the executives of the company outside the U.S. are sent to A program that allows the executive to work for a U.S. company, thereby obtaining a U.S. work visa. The work visa has no quota limit, does not need to be reviewed by the US Department of Labor, and has no requirements for the applicant's age, language, or source of assets. As soon as 4-6 months, the whole family can land in the United States, and later can be transferred to a green card through the U.S. employment-based immigration priority category EB-1C.

US L1A Entrepreneurship Work Permit Application Conditions

1. Applicants: have 1 consecutive year of senior management experience in the past 3 years, employed by the same company outside the United States (usually a Chinese company), with at least the third-level management structure;

2. Companies outside the United States (generally Chinese companies):

(1) It has been established for more than 3 years and employs more than 30 people, making normal profits every year; or

(2) It has been established for more than 3 years and employs less than 30 people, with an annual turnover of 6 million RMB

3. American companies: affiliated with foreign companies (usually Chinese companies), and


(1) In actual normal operation, real business contracts and operating certificates can be provided; or


(2) Completed company registration, company public account opening, and office space lease that meets business operation requirements.

US L1A Entrepreneurship Work Permit Application Process

sign the contract

sign the contract

pay the fee

pay legal fees


Waiting for the review result

Collect primary materials

Guide customers to prepare primary materials

Prepare a full set of materials

Complete a full set of materials, translate, review, and finalize

embassy interview

Prepare visa materials, fill in online applications, make appointments for interviews, interview counseling

Communicate Business Plan

Communicate business ideas, collect industry data, and develop a first draft of a business plan

submit application

Charge fees, arrange mailing, and submit after review by the US team

Why choose Globevisa for L1A start-up work visa in the United States?

The perfect product line makes you have no advantages

It has opened more than 200 projects covering venture capital immigration, skilled immigration, passports, visa services, overseas education and overseas real estate, company registration, bank account opening, pension reunion and childbirth, identity renewal, etc., covering more than 40 countries and regions, each The project has a complete vertical product line, tailor-made for you to go abroad.

​ The project development team makes you feel at ease

Globevisa International Project Development Center is composed of more than 100 people from more than 20 countries around the world, including professional business experts and investment experts. It always adheres to the principle of taking the law as the foundation, taking safety, effectiveness and risk as the principle, and taking project safety as the benchmark to do our best. Efforts are made to ensure the security of customer assets and identity acquisition, so that customers can rest assured.

Online service allows you to communicate worry-free

Globevisa provides customers with a VIP member center system, online query of project progress and cost details, which is convenient and fast. Independent research and development of IM customer communication APP, using advanced data encryption technology. Protect customer privacy throughout the process. Exclusive consultant one-on-one service, private conversation, encrypted group chat. Safety first, privacy first.

Good relationship allows you to submit worry-free

In order to enable customers to obtain immigration information in a more timely manner, Global Overseas has maintained good relations with governments, embassies, overseas banks, funds, etc. for a long time. Our professionalism and credibility have been praised by many overseas governments. At the same time, government officials also Went to Global China many times to have one-on-one in-depth exchanges with our customers.

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