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Portugal Immigration Seminar

Portugal €280,000 Property Investment Program. After successfully purchasing a property, clients can apply for residency in Portugal for themselves, their spouse, children, and parents. The residency card follows a 2+2+2 format for renewal, and after five years, applicants can apply for permanent residency or citizenship.

Portugal house purchase immigration application conditions

1. The main applicant is over 18 years old

2. No criminal record

3. Buy local real estate with more than 280,000 euros

4. If the investment is maintained for more than 5 years, you can apply for permanent residence

5. Residency requirements: a total of 14 days of residence every two years

6. You can apply with your children and parents who are over 65 years old and are not economically independent

Note: If the child is over 18 years old, he needs to meet the requirements of being unmarried and not independent financially


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英國BNO vs 歐洲護照




  1. 7月29日(六),2pm-3pm(廣東話)

  2. 8月1日(二) ,12pm-1pm (廣東話)

  3. 8月1日 (二),7pm-8pm (廣東話)

  4. 8月3日 (四),12pm-1pm (廣東話)

  5. 8月3日 (四),7pm-8pm (廣東話)

  6. 8月5日 (六),2pm-3pm (廣東話)




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