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With the surge of immigration, many countries have raised their own immigration thresholds in order to control the number of foreign immigrants. While people are making complaints about "difficulties in immigration", a large number of applicants have turned their focus on "direct immigration" to a "curve to save the country" method - overseas higher education! Why choose to study abroad first and then immigrate?

Very simple, the Australian immigration policy stipulates: Australian students who choose immigration majors for further study can add 20 extra points for immigration after graduation; New Zealand's policy is: international students can add 60-80 points for immigration after graduation, and can also be exempted from IELTS when applying for skilled immigrants ; Canada also has related policies: international students can get a work permit after graduation, and applying for immigration uses LMIA to add 50 points to the applicant and the employer... With such a convenient policy, you don't have to work hard to improve your immigration score.

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